No operation of ATV's within the Park

Camp Sites - Pavilions - Picnic Table Rentals

1. Call (715) 856-5341 to reserve your requested items & dates.

2. An Email will be sent with your total amount due.

3. Payment can be made thru Credit Card via phone or go to our Village Statistics Tab to access the  Electronic Payment Page.

Self Registration Form in PDF Format -

 Registration envelopes are located in a weather proof box and should be properly filled out and placed  with money into registration slot located in the  front of the campground.

Firewood sold at Mini Marts within Village of Wausaukee - Clean Firewood only, No Pallets allowed





Wausaukee Evergreen Campground

Owned & Operated by the Village and Town of Wausaukee

Wausaukee, Wisconsin 54177

For Reservations Contact:

Village Clerk (715) 856-5341

 Email to:  or


Park Closed to Non  Campers 10 PM  - Please be considerate of other campers with your pets and noise levels after 10 PM




Walking distance to Village of  Wausaukee retail shopping district

Retail Shop Quick Guide

  Check Out Time 12:00 Noon


What's On the Grounds

49 Tent & RV Camp sites

Picnic Tables/Benches

Upper/Lower Restrooms

Fire Pits

RV Electric Hookups

RV Waste Dump Station

Potable Water Fill

3 Pavilions


Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Courts

Hiking Trails

Running & Bike Trails

Auto Tours

Pond & Wausaukee River

Dumpster located at lower camp site

Walking distance to retail shops



Stop Vandalism in our park

  Please report any vandalism, theft of picnic tables or damage to our park and the facilities within the park. Every act of vandalism increases our cost to keep the park up and running. Help us reduce the cost to maintain our park. Keep your ears and eyes open and report to Crime Stoppers: (800) 427-5857 or to the Village Hall during normal business hours. We need your help!  

Two Upper Pavilions

3rd Pavilion


Water/Waste/ Restroom Bldg

Upper Camp

Lower Camp

Trail to the Dam, Pond, Dam Crossing and Lower Paths

Dam  Walkway Access to Plaza

















































Features within the Park


     Nestled in a secluded area just off  highway 141 on the North of the Village limits, the campgrounds offer a quiet and peaceful surrounding to enjoy nature. The park includes access to the adjacent Wausaukee River, a class 2 trout stream and the Evergreen Park Pond.

          Three Pavilions are available, with electric hook up, to support group activities under shelter. Two are on the upper hill among the tall pines just north of the entrance road that winds thru the park and one is directly south of the road.

          Electric hook ups are available on the upper and lower level sites, waste dump station and a potable water fill station are also available on the access road adjacent to the restroom building.

     Restrooms are available on the upper and lower level camp areas.

     Burning pits are supplied at each site and potable water is available in the upper and lower camp areas.

     Camping sites are supplied on two of the three elevation levels of the park to offer variety in scenery and access. Campsites are available both  inside and outside of the forested areas.

     For recreation there is a playground with swings, merry-go-round, two riding spring animals, upper & lower camp area sandboxes, basketball court, two regulation tennis courts and a regulation size sand volleyball court  are supplied.

     Within the park are the newly created walking trails that meander thru the woods,  alongside and over the Wausaukee River for those interested in enjoying the sound of water flowing and a casual stroll in the woods. Upper and lower trails extend from the dam at the pond to the Cedar road boundary at the lower campground area. Starting points to the trails are at the dam, across from the upper washroom area and at the lower campgrounds. Three bridges span the river to create an interweaving of trails on both sides of the Wausaukee River. A hand rail has been added to assist those approaching the trails from the Dam/Pond area. Please keep our woods and trails trash free by picking up and disposing of garbage.

     Watch for our Concert in the park schedule each summer sponsoring bands playing in the American Legion Pavillion adjacent to the Playground.

     The Evergreen campground is located on the adjacent property to the Marinette County Fairgrounds, Steve Stumbris Senior Memorial Park and bordered by the Wausaukee River.

     Future additions being discussed include a lighted Ice Skating Rink for Winter, swimming beach at the pond, showers attached to restroom building. Our park has undergone many changes to promote tourism and recreational activities for the people using the park. Please keep our park clean and safe for all those using it.

Come and enjoy our Evergreen Park


Tips On Camping Sites

Tent Camping Tips- wikiHow


Trails & Tours in our area.

Take advantage of the Bike/Jog trails that we have set up starting from the Campgrounds for physical fitness or just an enjoyable walk.












































Bike/Jog One:  5.1 Mile route from pedestrian fence opening on Cedar Street at Evergreen Campgrounds, then East on Pike River Road, right (South & West) on Jamros Rd, right (North) on Cedar Street back to the campground. Quiet and scenic route.

Trail One Jpeg Map and Directions.


Bike/Jog Two:  8.1 mile route from pedestrian fence opening on Cedar Street at Evergreen Campgrounds,  then east on Pike River Road, left (North & East) on Freele Rd, right (South) on  Lubka Rd, right (West) on Pike River Rd back to the campground. Quiet and scenic route.

Trail Two Jpeg Map and Directions.


Bike/Jog Three: 13 mile route from pedestrian fence opening on Cedar Street at Evergreen Campgrounds,  then east on Pike River Road, left (North & East) on Freele Rd, left (North & East) on  Lubka Rd, right (South & West) on Pike River Rd back to the campground. Quiet and scenic route. This is an extension of Route 2 with lots of rolling terrain, twisting roads and beautiful scenery.

Trail Three Jpeg Map and Directions.


Bike/Jog Four: 12.1 mile route from Wausaukee High School back parking lot road (Hillside Dr.) to Amberg WI. Map contains easy directions. Very Scenic Route with very little rural traffic, good running or biking with rolling hills and shaded on both sides. You will need to either come back the same direction or have a car pick you up in Amberg for the return trip.

Trail Four JPG Map and Directions.


Driving Tour One: Dave's Fall's Park is approximately 10 miles north of Wausaukee on US Hwy 141. Park entrance is located just south of the Village of Amberg and will be on the left side of the road. Park provides spectacular scenery, paths along the river on both sides, high and low rock climbing areas, bridge spanning the river, playground and restrooms. Take your camera and be prepared to enjoy hiking the trails!  Playground, restrooms, picnic tables and well available. Dave's Fall's is a County Park and there is a $3.00 Car parking fee when you enter the grounds.

JPG Map to Dave's Falls Park


Driving Tour Two: Full 26 mile loop encompassing Wausaukee to Amberg and back south to Wausaukee.  Start your trip on Pike River Road going east four  miles are the Ceremonial Indian Dance Rings, 8.5 mile mark north to the first bridge on the Pike River and 12.1 mile mark North to the second bridge. Continue on Pike River Road to Hwy K, turn left and visit Bulls Falls, exit K onto Hwy 41 south and a few hundred feet to Dave's Falls Park entrance to your right. Tour takes you past numerous historical locations, rivers, rapids, parks. Stop for a picnic, swim or hike the rivers edge. This will be a full day of hiking and pure enjoyment of what the north woods has to offer and all within a comfortable distance.

JPG Map of 26 Mile Route


WaterFalls Tours - Marinette County WI

Visit the many waterfalls through out Marinette County. Each park is set up with hiking trails, picnic areas and parking.


Fun Walking/Jogging Activities and Links













































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Upper Hiking Path

Lower Hiking Path & 1st River Bridge

Path from Dam and 2nd River Bridge