To Wausaukee

From Green Bay WI take Hwy 141 North approx 20 miles to the Abrams area. The Hi-Way will split by having US 41 going to Marinette to the right and US 141 going to Iron Mountain to the left. Take a left toward the signs marked Iron Mountain and continue on the road for approximately 30 miles to Wausaukee, WI.

From Iron Mountain, MI

take US 141 South approximately 45 miles to Wausaukee, WI.


From Marinette, WI take State Hwy 180 North and continue approximately 32 miles to Wausaukee, WI.


Wausaukee Area Maps for

Direction to our areas:

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Google Maps: Wausaukee, Wisconsin


100 Mile Overview

Wausaukee Village/Town Area

Wausaukee Village Streets with Parks/Village Buildings  marked









Wausaukee Street Map with Current ATV / Snowmobile Trails Marked as of 05/15/12 - Printable as 8.5 x 11" map

PDF Wisconsin All Terrain Vehicle  Regulations
Amberg Wisconsin Athelstane Wisconsin  

Middle Inlet Wisconsin

Silvercliff Wisconsin

Wagner Wisconsin

Click on the five listed towns above within the school district and get a Google Map of their area that you can zoom in on for assistance in finding locations.


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