Water Falls & Rapids Tours in Marinette/Menominee Counties

Bull Falls

Located on the Pike River, take Hwy. K to the east just south of Amberg. Go about 1/4 mile down K to the power lines. Park in the power line right of way and take a short walk north to the river. A path takes you a short distance down river to the falls.


Carney Rapids

Continue east on Hwy 8 a short distance to Old Cty. Road A, where youíll turn south and go approximately 2 miles to the first bridge. Carney Rapids is not a waterfall, but an area of rushing water that can be viewed from the road just to the west of the bridge.


Daveís Falls in Daveís Falls Park

A beautiful County Park on the Pike River, Daveís Falls is just south of Amberg on Hwy. 141. The park includes two waterfalls with unique rock formations.


Eight Foot Falls in Twelve Foot Falls Park

Located just down the river from Twelve Foot Falls, the easiest way to reach Eight Foot Falls is to walk through the parkís campground to a short trail that leads to the Falls. The sound of the Falls can be heard pleasantly at the end of the campground, and is a wonderful ďsedativeĒ at the end of a day.


Eighteen Foot Falls

To view the Eighteen Foot Falls you will follow some treacherous terrain along a high cliff. Keep close tabs on children. Rocky and hilly terrain make good walking shoes a must!


Four Foot Falls

Just north of the bridge at Carney Rapids is a small dirt road to the east. Take this road (you can walk or drive) about 1/2 mile to a small grassy area where you can park. A short walk along a path to the south (right) takes you to the falls.

Eighteen Foot Falls, Twelve Foot Falls, Eight Foot Falls, and Horseshoe Falls are in the vicinity and within a short distance of each other. Twelve Foot Falls can be viewed from the Park at Twelve Foot Falls County Park and Eight Foot Falls can be located by walking past the Parkís campground to a short trail that leads to the falls.

The best way to find these treasures is to drive back to Hwy. 8, and continue east to Lily Lake Road. Go south on Lily Lake Road and follow the signs to Twelve Foot Falls Park. (Turn right on Twin Lake Road, then left on Twelve Foot Falls Road.) Horseshoe Falls is south of the park off of Twelve Foot Falls Road, and Eighteen Foot Falls is north of the park to the second sand road on the right. Drive about 1/2 mile on this sand road, park, and follow the path.


Horseshoe Falls

From Twelve Foot Falls Park take Twelve Foot Falls Road south of Trout Haven Road to Forest Road 510 (FR510). Take FR510 about 1/2 mile to the turnoff to the falls (watch for sign). This turnoff leads to a small parking area where a walking trail leads to the falls. The roads leading to Horseshoe Falls can be rough, particularly in bad weather.

Drive back to Hwy. 8 and continue east to Hwy. 141. From here you can turn north to visit Smalley Falls, Long Slide Falls, and Pier's Gorge, or turn south to find Dave's Falls and Bull Falls. Descriptions of these falls and where they are located follows:


Long Slide Falls

Continue on Morgan Park Road to a sign showing the turnoff to Long Slide Falls. A paved parking area is provided. The falls is about a 1/4 mile walk on a walking trail. The falls drop about 50 feet through unique rock formations. Itís a magnificent scene.


McClintock Falls in McClintock Park

About 15 miles (25 minutes) from Twin Bridges Park is the entrance to McClintock Park Campground. The park entrance is about 1/2 mile further north on Parkway Road. McClintock Park's Campground is the first ATV-friendly campground in Marinette County. For more information, contact Marinette County Parks at 715-732-7530. Drive another 1/2 mile north of the campground on Parkway Road to the entrance to McClintock Park. Enjoy a short stroll over scenic waters on bridges that connect miniature islands within the parkís boundaries. The ďfallsĒ is actually a series of rapids beneath the many bridges.


Pemene Falls

Take County Highway Z into Michigan. Turn left on the first road, then at the third sand covered road past the boat landing, take a left to the parking area. It's just a short walk to the Falls.


Pierís Gorge

Located on the Menominee River, you must take Highway 8 into Michigan to reach Piers Gorge. Once across the River, watch for signs. Take a left at the sign. Park in the designated area. Itís about a 1/2 mile walk to Pierís Gorge.


Smalley Falls

To reach Smalley Falls, head north on Hwy. 141 to Morgan Park Road and watch for a sign indicating the turnoff to the falls. The turnoff goes to a small grassy parking area where a walking trail leads to the falls. Steep slopes offer a beautiful view of the falls. The turnoff leading to the parking area can be rough.


Strong Falls in Goodman Park

Almost 2 miles (5 minutes) north of McClintock Park is the turn-off to Goodman Park (follow the sign). You actually leave Parkway Road for a shorter and more direct trip to Goodman Park. An observant passenger might see deer and other wildlife, including a possible black bear, along the way.

About another mile and youíll be at the entrance to Goodman Park. Park your car in the designated parking lot and follow the trails to the river. Strong Falls, located on the Peshtigo River, are easily accessible. This lovely park offers cabins and lodges, scenic bridges and walkways, a picnic area, a childrenís play area, a campground, and a unique, covered firepit. Goodman Park Cabin is available for overnight rentals and the Lodge is rented for day use. For more information, contact Marinette County Parks and Outdoor Recreation at 715-732-7530.

Continue north on Parkway Road about 10 miles (20 minutes) to Hwy. 8. Turn right toward Dunbar (about 8 miles), where youíll find an assortment of stops you can make.


Twelve Foot Falls in Twelve Foot Falls Park

Located on the Pike River, the falls are easily accessible in this lovely park, but the terrain can be difficult if you plan to hike the large rock formations. Camping and picnicking are available.


Veteranís Falls in Veteranís Memorial Park

Located on the Thunder River, Veteranís Falls is located west of Crivitz just off of the southern end of Parkway Road. Follow Cty. Hwy. W west out of Crivitz to Parkway Road North. Veteranís Park is located 3 miles north of W on Parkway Road. From Crivitz, it takes about 15-20 minutes (14 miles). A large picnic area and childrenís playground greet you right off the parking lot, and a campground is nearby. Take the many wood and stone steps at the rear of the play area down to the Thunder River where youíll find several falls and exquisite scenery and photo opportunities. From Veteranís Park to Twin Bridges Park is about 10 minutes (5 miles). Here youíll find a large childrenís play area, a very large picnic area, and lovely sand beaches along High Falls Flowage of the Peshtigo River. This is a popular family friendly spot where you can enjoy fishing, swimming, canoeing, jet skiing, boating, hiking, picnicking, camping and more.

Shortly beyond Twin Bridges Park, as you continue north on Parkway Road, youíll pass the turn-off for the entrance to Governor Thompson State Park. This new state park is open to the public. Hiking trails and the lovely Woods Lake offer another natural respite. For more information on Governor Thompson State Park, call 715-757-3979. Keep going north on Parkway, about 8 miles north of Twin Bridges Park, to Cty. Hwy. C and turn left to follow Parkway.

Parkway continues north about 1/2 mile west off County Hwy. C where youíll turn right and follow the designated Rustic Road sign. Marinette County has assumed responsibility for maintenance of Parkway Road from here to Hwy. 8 and have re-named it Cty. Hwy. I. Some improvements have been made, but it will remain generally winding with speed limits ranging from 25 to 45 m.p.h., and is the longest designated rustic road in the state.

About 5 miles north of Hwy. C on Parkway, notice the sign on the left describing the area as Marinette County Beech Forest. This 40 acre site is being preserved in a natural condition to encourage research and education. This is a State Natural Area sponsored by Marinette County in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources.



For additional Marinette County tourism information: http://www.therealnorth.com/museums.htm