Workshop Hours:

Wausaukee Enterprises Inc.

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Mon - Thursday

Closed Fri - Sat -Sun


Retail Store Hours:

We Store - Resale Shop

8 :30 AM to 5:00 PM

Mon - Saturday


Donations Accepted 24 hrs day at drop off or during shop hours.



Mission Statement


Our Mission at Wausaukee Enterprises Inc. is to provide work experiences, life skills, training and support services that maximize individual potential for persons with disabilities and other barriers to enable them to achieve greater independence and become valued members of the community.







Wausaukee Enterprises Inc.

836 Cedar Street

Wausaukee, WI 54177

    Wausaukee Enterprises Inc. is a community based rehabilitation facility that has served individuals with disabilities in Marinette County since 1969. W.E.I. serves the rural area of Marinette County. ____________________________________________________________

Our Locations:



836 Cedar St.

Wausaukee, WI 54177


      We are gearing our Day Service program toward community involvement.

Clients have the opportunity to volunteer and participate in local activities and outings.  

A flexible curriculum, along with determining the individuals strengths and interests, helps to prepare clients for job success. This is achieved through teaching life skills, self advocacy / determination and peer mentoring.



836 Cedar St.

Wausaukee, WI 54177



The workshop is licensed by the state of Wisconsin and the Federal Government. A variety of subcontract work projects and sales of wiper rags are made available through industries and business in the area.











532 Main St.

Wausaukee, WI 54177





Wausaukee Enterprises Inc. owns and operates it's own thrift store reselling donated items.

Profits from the thrift store are returned to the agency to fund programs.





The Services WE Offers

Life Skill Classes include:

  1. Shopping Skills
  2. Healthy Living
  3. Computer Skills
  4. Cooking
  5. Etiquette
  6. How to deal with conflict.
  7. Money Handling
  8. Community Integration
  9. Current Events

Services offered:

  • Hardware Packaging
  • Poly Bag Sealing
  • Labeling
  • Electronic Scale Counting
  • Bulk Packaging
  • Collating
  • Light Assembly
  • Decaling
  • Wiring Assembly
  • Shredding
  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Cutting
  • Baling

Retail Outlet:

The We Store collects, rehabs and resells donated items thru the resale shop. Donations are accepted thru the store during normal business hours or at our drop off site adjacent to the store. All proceeds help fund our agency programs.

Clients working in the store learn stocking of shelves, cashiering, and cleaning while assisting in the retail store.




Donations Accepted 24 hrs day at drop off or during shop hours.










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    • The Wausaukee Enterprises Workshop is capable of using forklifts, pallet jacks, upright sanders, radial arm saws, industrial band saws and electric cutters to complete your project.

    • We can also deliver.


    LaForce Inc; Green Bay, WI
    Patz Sales Inc; Pound, WI 
    AirGas - Marinette, WI
    Wausaukee Composites Wausaukee WI
    Quality Assembly& Logistics - Marinette
    Decor Products, Wausaukee, WI
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    • Wausaukee Enterprises Inc.

    • Sheltered Workshop Location:

    • 836 Cedar Street

    • Wausaukee, WI 54177

    •  Phone (715) 856-5441

    • FAX (715) 856-5440

    • E-Mail:

    • Contact: Bob Beltrame for information and quotes












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    • We Store - Retail Shop

    • 532 Main Street

    • Wausaukee, WI 54177

    •  (715) 856-5400

    • Contact: Rhonda Mansfield




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